A Sad Day…

Just sold my Favorite Car ever.  My 05 Golf. It is really a sad day.  I hope the new owner will take care of it…  I put a lot of effort and love into that car, and I really enjoyed it.  It will be missed, but ultimately, I guess its time to move on.  All in all, I have decided that I really hate Salt Lake County, and I think they can all go rot in the deepest pit of hell.  I hope they get whats coming to them someday.  Here is a picture of the beloved car, in all its glory after I cleaned it up this morning before pulling the trigger to list it:

IMG_0060Sniff…  You will be missed little car.  Treat your new owner well please, as he treats you well.

Living the Fractal Hurricane that is Life

Life really is a hurricane.  Every minute, we find new things that oppose us, or conspire to bring us down.  Other times, we find a breathe of fresh air, and strength to carry on!  The turbulence is jarring and surreal at the same time.  So many things happen so quickly, and if one were to try and document all that happens to him or her in their life, the task would be endless and insurmountable.  Occasionally we find a moment to get our heads above water, and we attempt to express a minute portion of what has transpired, and very few even grasp a portion of what is being expressed.

Well, enough of the existential blathering.  On to the fun stuff.  My recent work, Professionally and home-brew have crossed paths again to arrive at an unlikely intersection: vehicle diagnostic bus communication!  The SAE really had waaay too much fun designing these brain damaged protocols!  Why couldn’t it just be something simple?  (Head scratch)  IN any case, it has been a very cool learning experience in any case.

In other news, I may be getting a Makergear M2 soon!  Very exciting!  There are so many things I want to make!  We’ll see if things work out… I will definitely be documenting the build if I do, and pictures as well.

Music:  If you haven’t you need to check out Satellite Empire.  A small electronic outfit from San Diego.  They have a lot of potential!  Also, on a side note I found ZEDD.  Some really nice tunes too!  Check it out.

Bacon, Eggs, and a 2 car pile-up

Seriously?  Doesn’t the Utah Highway Patrol have anything better to do besides stand around and gawk at an accident?  A bit of back-story, there was an accident on the 201 freeway this morning, and those of you who use it know how much of a problem that can be.  It was a rear-ender in the fast lane before 7200w, pretty common when people play with their cell phones while driving!  In any case, 2 cars involved, but about 20 cop cars.  Yes.  TWENTY!  COME ON GUYS!  It was 2 cars!  I wish I could have gotten a picture, but then I would have been playing with MY cell phone while driving!  It was literally a convention! (anybody smell bacon?)  Pretty silly if you ask me.  In the mean time, everybody trying to go to work is getting delayed, and cant get by because the lane is blocked.  Move it off the road and let people by!  Get traffic flowing again!  Oh wait, if you do that, then you wont be able to stand around, and  talk to Larry, Bob, Moe and Curly about the two dumb idiots who got in an accident, and laugh about how all the other ‘Dumb Idiots’ are stuck and will be late to work, while you stand around and get paid to shoot the breeze!  I used to have respect for our law enforcement people, but it is melting away quickly! *CENSORED* about the government too!  What a world we live in!

New Internet Connection

Just upgraded the internet connection.  Still getting everything to play nice with the new setup.  Things are looking ok so far, but I am not 100% happy with it all yet…  It will probably take a couple days to iron out any kinks, but the page is up again…  Liking the speed already…  Time to ship my long-toothed but faithful DSL modem back to its rightful owner…

A Sad state of Affairs…

Life comes at you fast…  Christmas is now upon us!  Surprise!   So hold on, because I felt like ranting…here it is:

It is a very sad state of affairs when the politicians lie to everybody and they buy it!  Just heard on the News that certain political figures want to extend the unemployment benefit term.  I have no problem with this.  Sometimes you just need it…  But why are we talking about doing this anyway?  I thought the economy was on the mend, and that there were hundreds of thousands of new jobs to filled, and that everything was going well…Right? Wrong on all counts…apparently…

This is interesting, because these certain political figures have all but admitted they have been lying all along about the economy, and it is not as healthy as they would have us believe.  Why else would we want more unemployment benefits?  Why are there so many who still need it with all of these so called ‘jobs’?  Lies, every bit of it!  Take the new healthcare laws for example:  More affordable? Keep your plan? Really? How many of you have seen your rates climb, and maybe even been threatened with losing your current insurance, only to find it will cost you more on the magically broken multi-billion dollar ‘exchange’, contrary to what we have been told all this time…  Wanna know why the insurance companies went along with this?  Well, take a look at your premiums…  They aren’t gonna be hurting for money any time soon…

If you ask me, its time to clean house in Washington.  All these clowns in their ivory towers, peering down on us, squeezing the last drops of anything valuable out of us so they can pad their wallets and give their buddies money.  I say term limits all around!  Throw them all out on their ears and don’t give them any kind of taxpayer funded benefits after they are out of office!  Let them reap what they have sown without exemption…all of them…tar and feathers I say!

OK.  I feel better now.  Still irritated, but better.  Next time I will post something useful and constructive…like how open source software can still sell something thats free…Yes, they do, I promise!